Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Counting Sheep

Never in my life have I seen anyone sleep the way this baby sleeps.  Let's not confuse the way she sleeps with how much she sleeps!  I kid, she sleeps pretty well!  So far at least.  I could sit and watch her for hours while she sleeps because I am in such amazement that she is even comfortable.  Often times one or both of her hands are up in the air, near her face.  Never are they resting on whatever she is on, or her face for that matter.  They are suspended in the air as if she had arms like a hard plastic baby doll.  More often than not are her hands also wide open and her fingers stiff and stretched out.  Free falling aka "startle reflex" is usually to blame for this bizarre sleeping position, but sometimes she just does it on her own.  So now the 30 minutes of intense grunting and stretching makes sense when she is waking up.  I mean really, could you sleep with your arms suspended in the air for hours on end and not grunt and squeak like a rusty machine?  While I cannot blame either of us for her crazy sleeping position, her daddy is definitely to blame for her stretching mannerisms.  He is also one of the loudest and most exaggerated stretchers I have ever seen!  Her stretching is loud enough to wake me up from a dead sleep, yet somehow not loud enough to wake her own self up.  I wonder how many times I have grabbed her from her rock and play thinking she was awake when she was really sleep stretching?!  Lucky for me I have caught her sleeping on both "film" (can we really call it that anymore?  maybe "memory card" is a better term) and "tape" (again, this should be called "DVD" nowadays).  And just in case anyone doesn't believe me I have proof, and for those that do believe me, here are some adorable pictures of a crazy sleeping Bink.

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  1. This collage is just the cutest. And it does show most of her sleeping whackiness. Love that baby doll!